Pet Travel Tips

Aggressive Dog Breeds and Airline Policies

Recently, there was a posting on Facebook regarding a military family that was relocated to another base. The posting went on to say that the military contracts with a certain airline for the relocation, but the airline had a policy of not accepting “aggressive breeds” of dogs. This family had an “aggressive breed” dog.

When Pet Airways was up, flying and transporting pets, we faced this same issue and early on we set up a policy that we did not discriminate against any pet, no matter what breed.

Summer Time Air Travel for Your Dog

For the Pet Travel Channel by Dan Wiesel, the Founder of Pet Airways

Summer time is here.

You want to travel and you want to travel with your best friend. But, air travel for your pet can be dangerous. Here’s what you should know from someone who has flow over 9,000 pets. 

Teaching Cats Carriers Are Cool

Just like us here at Pet Airways, our partners at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers love cats just as much as dogs. Here, APDT shares expert advice on how to teach your cat that a carrier is a cool place to be. Hopefully, these tips will prove helpful for your next cat-friendly travels.

Be Prepared—Pets, Too

By The Honest Kitchen
Any emergency preparedness plan should account for our beloved animal companions. Some fantastic pointers on what to do ahead of time, in case of a disaster, can be found below. This article is adapted from the work of one of our most favorite animal communicators, Paula Brown. To find out more about Paula’s gift and the services she offers, click here.

Take a Hike Tips

By Kim Campbell Thornton
There’s no easier way to spend time outdoors with your dog than to go on a hike. Even if you live in a big city, there’s a good chance that you have easy access to good hiking trails no more than a half-hour drive away.And any time you book a Pet Airways flight, follow up by sniffing out the nearest dog-friendly hiking trails at your destination. It’s a great way for both of you to shake the kinks out from your flights.

Doing Doggy Daycare Right

By Arden Moore
We love to travel with our pets. But some activities – like skiing down snowy slopes or touring the artifacts inside a museum – don’t allow dogs.

Kong on The Go: Travel Snacks for Dogs

By Kim Campbell Thornton
Bag packed. Check.
Food. Check.
ID. Check.
Kong stuffed.
Kong? Well, sure. This travel checklist isn’t for you, it’s for your dog.

5 Top Tips for Pet Travel from Pet Airways

As CEO and co-founder of Pet Airways, Dan Wiesel knows a lot about keeping pets safe and comfortable during a flight. In fact, Dan has loads of advice on all kinds of pet travel. Here are his Pet Airways Top 5 Tips for Pet Travel.

Water Gear for Dogs

By Arden Moore
Onlookers may giggle at the sight of Darwin, a 150-pound Great Dane sporting a bright orange life vest at the beach, but owner Melissa Studer knows it is a necessity.

Coping with Kitty Insomnia

By Kim Campbell Thornton
Cat keeping you awake at night? We've all heard that cats sleep 18 to 20 hours a day, but you can't always count on them to sleep at the same time you do. Whether your cat's shenanigans are keeping you awake at home or on the road, the following Pet Airways tips can help turn your night-roaming cat into a night-time napper, ensuring sweet dreams for both of you.