Pet Health & Nutrition

Heartworms and Cats

New Study Reveals Disease Is Not Just For Dogs
by VPI Pet HealthZone

Cats are not the preferred target of most mosquitoes or the preferred host for the heartworms. They appear to have a natural resistance to infection and can live with very low worm burdens without ever showing any related clinical signs. Cats tend to have fewer worms than dogs, and the worms are more short-lived, as compared to dogs.5

5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe on Halloween

Potential Hazards Can Be Scary
Advice from VPI Pet HealthZone

Halloween can be a fun event for families and their pets. However, if safety precautions aren’t taken, it can also be a hazardous time for our four-legged companions.

Priceless Ways to Stretch Your Pet Budget

By Arden Moore

Saving money has become a necessity in today’s economy. And, that includes the family budget allocated for your pet. Here are some of our strategies.

Coping with Pet Allergies

For Many Animals, It’s a Life-Long Issue
By VPI Pet Insurance

Those of us who suffer from allergies know what misery they can cause. Itchy eyes, runny nose, irritated skin or digestive upset can wreak havoc in our daily lives.

How Much Exercise is Enough

Here, courtesy of our partners at 1-800-PetMeds, is veterinarian Dr. Dym's advice on how much exercise dogs and cats need.

By Dr. Michael Dym, VMD

A question commonly asked particularly by dog owners is how much exercise should their dog or cat get. Of course the answer will depend upon the age, breed and health/medical history of the particular pet, but assuming one has a young healthy adult dog, most pets do not have limits on their exercise. Proper exercise can help keep the weight stable, as well as keep the heart, brain and body healthy.

Must-Pack: Pet First Aid Kit

By Arden Moore
To ensure safe and fun travels with your pet, prepare a list of must-bring items. Keep this list handy so you can refer to it to make sure you don’t forget something your pet needs (favorite kibble) or wants (like his favorite stuffed toy). Topping the list should be a portable pet first-aid kit.

Calming Products for Traveling Pets

By Arden Moore
Dr. Jean Hofve, a holistic veterinarian from Denver, Colorado, created a line of flower essence products, Spirit Essences, that bring out positive emotions in pets. Here is a rundown of some products that cater to pets coping with travel or new changes in the household: